Sports photography is all about being in the right place at the right time and being ready with a camera. I use the latest Nikon equipment to ensure the image is captured whatever the conditions. My work has been used for advertising campaigns for visit Great Britain, and in leading sports publications. My speciality is watersports, but I have also had lots of experience with a wide range of sports from ice hockey to rugby League.


Adventure photography is tough, both on photographer and equipment. To get the shots that capture the feel of the moment, you have to battle the elements and terrain. I have a lot of experience capturing images in adverse conditions, both by the side of a river and at the top of a mountain. My watersports images have been used around the world in advertisements for visit Great Britain.


Event photography is all about capturing a moment in time. Events are full of special moments for the attendees, and the art of event photography is capturing those moments on camera. I have covered all kind of events, from University balls to networking breakfasts, and have the skills and experience to capture memories of your event.